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BroadBit Batteries gets a lift from Airbus BizLab

In the Airbus BizLab accelerator programme, external startups and so-called intrapreneurs based at Airbus join forces to make the startups market-ready.Master Films/H. Gousse

Finnish Broadbit Batteries, the company behind a more cost-efficient, effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to lithium-ion batteries, has been selected for the Airbus BizLab accelerator.

BroadBit Batteries was selected from a record number of applicants for the third season of the Airbus BizLab, the accelerator programme of global aeronautics company Airbus.

BroadBits batteries are based on metallic sodium and other cheap and abundant raw materials. The main active material in the batteries is sodium chloride (NaCl), also known as table salt.

“We are convinced that our batteries are much better than those found on the market today,” says David Brown, CEO of BroadBit Batteries. “We are looking forward to Airbus BizLab helping us demonstrate our superior technology to the world!”

All together 12 startups were chosen for the program and will spend the next six months in Toulouse, as in Broadband’s case, or in Hamburg to hone and prepare the companies for market entry.

“We were really amazed at the sheer quantity of applications,” explains head Of Airbus BizLab Bruno Gutierres in a press release. “This year we received applications from around the world, and were in touch with over 2 000 interested contacts.”

Published on 01.12.2017