air filtrated gas pipes
 Eagle Filters enables significant energy and CO2 savings in the global energy industry with its air filtration technology for natural gas-fired power plants. Image: Eagle Filters

Eagle Filters accelerates global growth strategy

Finnish company Eagle Filters has received an 800 000-euro loan from its parent company, Loudspring, and entered into a strategic alliance with Australian Baltec IES.

Eagle Filters is a core holding for Finnish cleantech investment firm Loudspring, which granted the loan to its subsidiary from the 2.5 million euros in growth financing it recently secured from the Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation (NEFCO). The loan will give Eagle Filters the resources to accelerate its growth strategy.

In addition, Eagle Filters has entered into a strategic alliance with Australian Baltec IES, part of the Environmental Group Limited (EGL), in order to combine the marketing and technology efforts and accelerate the growth of both companies. Both Eagle Filters and Australian Baltec IES offer technology for gas turbine power projects globally.

“Eagle Filters has this year focused on building its global reach and resources,” said Lassi Noponen, CEO of Loudspring. “This deployment of capital and an alliance with Baltec IES are significant additions to Eagle Filters’ resources, and Loudspring looks forward to starting and developing co-operation with the EGL.”

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