The Koura protective glovel holding a lemon in a shop
 The new Finnish Koura ‘glove’ innovation prevents viruses, bacteria and impurities from spreading by killing the germs with pinetree resin. Image: Pari Vesaa ja Masa
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DAILY BRIEF: Safe touch, clean sailing, digitalisation, e-commerce and COVID-19 breath test

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Pari Vesaa ja Masa, Premix, Norsepower, Tecnotree, Ambientia and a novel COVID-19 breathalyser make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Norsepower unveils the world’s first tiltable rotor sail, Tecnotree wins a substantial deal, Ambientia joins forces in e-commerce, Pari Vesaa ja Masa and Premix develop an innovation, and a new coronavirus breath test is trialled in Helsinki. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Norsepower to install world’s first tiltable rotor sails

Tiltable rotor sail on cargo vessel

Finnish clean technology company Norsepower has worked with SEA-CARGO to develop the world’s first tiltable rotor sails to be installed onboard SEA-CARGO’s roll-on, roll-off (Ro-Ro) cargo vessel SC Connector. The two 35-metre tall rotor sails are estimated to reduce the vessel’s emissions by 25 per cent. SC Connector will operate in the North Sea on routes featuring multiple bridges and powerlines, which require the rotor sails to have the tilting function. Norsepower’s rotor sail uses the Magnus effect to harness wind power to thrust a ship. Image: Sea-Cargo

Tecnotree wins USD 11-million telecom deal

Digital transformation illustration

Finnish company Tecnotree has been selected for a digital transformation project by one of the largest telecommunications operators in the Middle East and Africa. The value of the three-year contract is around 11 million US dollars (approx. 9.8 million euros). As part of the project, Tecnotree will deploy its Digital BSS Suite 5 products to accelerate the unnamed operator’s business growth and increase the agility and operational efficiency of IT systems. Image: Pixabay

Ambientia joins forces with US-based Shero Commerce

Online shopping

Finnish business design and technology company Ambientia has acquired one-fifth of its US-based partner Shero Commerce, which specialises in digital commerce. The closer co-operation will support Ambientia’s entry into the US market and strengthen its expertise in e-commerce design, development and project delivery. Shero Commerce markets tailored e-commerce solutions and lists the likes of Adobe and Amazon among its partners. The company employs some 36 people and reported net sales of 1.9 million US dollars in 2019. Image: Pixabay

Pari Vesaa ja Masa launches Koura glove innovation

Koura glove touching ATM button

Finnish design company Pari Vesaa ja Masa has developed a reusable protective ‘glove’ that prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading when touching door handles, pens, elevator buttons, gas pumps, touch screens, ATMs or products. Called Koura, the product is coated with a material made by Finnish company Premix, Prexelent, which is powered by natural pine resin and was shown in clinical tests to kill 99.9 per cent of harmful impurities, such as MRSA bacteria. Pari Vesaa ja Masa is a company founded in 2017 by three friends who had an idea for a potato washer and now wanted to develop a solution that would help people feel safer during the coronavirus pandemic. Image: Potturi / Facebook

Coronavirus breath test set for trial in Helsinki

Coronavirus breathalyser

Employees at Laakso Health Station in Helsinki will start testing people for the new coronavirus with a breathalyser that is believed to be capable of detecting the biomarkers of various diseases in exhaled breath. The novel breathalyser could become the fastest and cheapest test for the rampant virus. Read our full report by clicking the headline. Image: DEEP SENSING ALGORITHMS

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