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 Aalto’s new bioinnovation centre will explore new green ways to grow the economy. Image: Aalto

DAILY BRIEF: Bioinnovation, semiconductors, industry, construction and sustainable travel

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Aalto University, Comptek Solutions, Valmet, Peikko and Posio make headlines.

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Comptek Solutions partners in the semiconductor industry, Valmet wins new orders, Peikko opens an office in Ireland, Aalto University receives a grant for a new bioinnovation centre, and Posio becomes the first municipality to receive the Sustainable Travel Finland label. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Comptek Solutions and RIBER start commercial partnership

Semiconductor surface.

Finnish company Comptek Solutions has signed a commercial partnership deal with RIBER, a global leader in semiconductor industry equipment. Comptek’s Kontrox technology addresses the oxidation issue in III-V-compound semiconductors, which leads to a range of defects that limit their performance and manufacturing yield. The partners will work together to increase the commercial reach of the solution, which enables manufacturing of smaller, more efficient and reliable compound semiconductor devices needed for emerging technologies such as 5G, augmented reality and autonomous vehicles. Image: Pixabay

Valmet secures new orders in Brazil and Australia

Two round wastewater treatment plants.

Six of Valmet’s total solids measurements will be supplied as part of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions’ water and wastewater treatment plant for Klabin’s Puma II paper and pulp project in Brazil. The measurements provide the capability of flow-based controls to achieve substantial savings in polymer dosage, energy, transport and further advance environmental benefits at water treatment plants. Valmet will also supply filter fabrics with smart cloth technology to Karara Mining in Western Australia. The technology will be fitted to 11 chamber-press filters used for concentrate and tailings de-watering, in order to increase productivity and create savings in filtration processes. Image: Valmet

Peikko expands to Ireland

Man standing in front of composite beams.

Finnish company Peikko Group has established a legal entity and office in Dublin, Ireland. Peikko is a leading global supplier of slim floor structures, wind energy applications and concrete connections for precast and cast-in-place construction. Supported by its office in the UK, Peikko has had sales in Ireland in the past few years, but, given the uncertainty over Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, it decided to establish the sales and engineering office. Image: Peikko

Aalto granted EUR 10.5 million for new bioinnovation centre

Leaves in the sunlight.

Aalto University has received 10.5 million euros from the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation to establish a bioinnovation centre. The grant is one of the foundation’s largest ever. The centre will help to accelerate the transition to a circular and bio-based economy, and create new sustainable economic growth opportunities in Finland. Aalto will set up a multidisciplinary doctoral programme encompassing technology, art, design and economics to address the problems of circular and bio-based economy. One example is adding significant value to the Finnish forest industry, which accounts for about one-fifth of Finland’s exports of goods, by developing products of high added value such as biomaterials for the textile and packaging industries. Image: Unsplash

Posio embodies Finland’s push for sustainable travel

Vast landscape with snow covered trees.

Posio, a roughly 3 000-resident municipality nestled between Kuusamo and Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, has become the first travel destination to receive the Sustainable Travel Finland label from Visit Finland. Find out more by clicking the headline. Image: Tea Karvinen / Visit Finland

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