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Finland works

We are getting to know what people born abroad think about working life in Finland.

Turning research into business drives Kunal Garg

Kunal Garg, India
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer


Finnish startup ecosystem is easy to get involved in, says Anjana

Anjana Sinha, India
Frontend Web Analyst


Glenn thinks Finland is a great place to raise children

Glenn Gassen, Germany
Director of innovation, growth and investment


The people and nature here have made an impact on Katerina

Katerina Panina, Russia
Doctoral researcher and entrepreneur


Fabien runs a food kit delivery company in Helsinki

Fabien Fédy, France
CEO & Co-founder


Hyunseok appreciates the good work-life balance in Finland

Hyunseok Choi, South Korea
Founder / CEO


Finland’s vibrant startup ecosystem appeals to Parneet

Parneet Bajaj, India


Moving to Finland was a jump into the unknown for Natalia

Natalia Gromova, Russia
Founder and CEO


Starting a business are easy in Finland, says Iranthi

Iranthi Gomes, Sri Lanka
CEO & Co-founder


Maree advises anyone moving to Finland to embrace the quirky and the unusual

Maree Hamilton, New Zealand
Application Manager


Thiyagarajan has really embraced the Finnish nature

Thiyagarajan Manihatty Bojan, India
Senior computer vision scientist

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My Career: From start to Finnish
Turning research into business drives Kunal Garg