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Five from Finland

Fire safety

Get fired up for these five innovative Finnish solutions in fire safety.

Julia Helminen

Finland is making innovative strides in fire safety on a global scale.

Every year, Finnish rescue departments are called to a total of about 12 000 fires. This makes Finnish innovators work hard on solutions to prevent, timely detect and respond to fires, as well as to enhance firefighters’ safety.

Discover these five Finnish innovations in order to stay fire safe.


HefCel-coated wood (left) and untreated wood after a 30-second flame test.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Wood is a popular construction material, but it is inherently flammable. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is doing its part in improving the fire properties of wood-based construction materials.

A few years ago, VTT scientists developed an innovative fire-retardant coating based on a patented technology known as HefCel (high-consistency enzymatic fibrillation of cellulose). Made from nanocellulose and applied either by spray or brush, the coating reduces the access of oxygen to the material’s surface, thus significantly inhibiting combustion.

VTT was also among collaborative partners of the FireCellCoat project, which ran from 2020 to 2022 and sought to develop bio-based fire-retardant coatings in the vein of Canary Island pine bark, whose unique structure and chemistry make it resistant to fire.

Moreover, VTT’s expertise includes methods and technologies for fire-safe transport, helping companies around the globe to design and build fire-safe cruise ships, trains and planes.


Safera offers smart devices that can be easily installed in any kitchen to ensure a safe and enjoyable cooking process.


Did you know that cooking is the number one cause of home fires? On a mission to ensure a stress-free cooking process, prevent cooking fires and save lives, the Espoo-based company has been manufacturing some of the world’s most intelligent stove guards since 2007.

Built using proprietary sensor technology and data analytics, Safera’s solutions discreetly take care of fire safety, air quality and energy-efficient ventilation. Moreover, Safera aids home cooks in bettering their skills by recognising various cooking events and setting up automatic timers.

“There is no other product like this,” asserted CEO Mikko Reinikainen.

In addition to residential kitchens, Safera’s solutions are welcome in professional kitchens. One of the latest examples is Helsinki-based Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, whose restaurant saves 27 MWh of energy annually thanks to Safera’s demand control kitchen ventilation system.


Quanturi helps farmers to manage hay storage conditions more effectively and prevent potential fire hazards.


In farming, hay is a major fire hazard as hay bales are prone to spontaneous combustion due to a microbial fermentation process that produces flammable gases. The ignition of one bale usually leads to the destruction of the whole barn, causing substantial losses.

Helsinki-based Quanturi has been helping farmers all over the world to prevent hay fires with its innovative wireless IoT system for monitoring hay bales since 2016. Now, Quanturi’s advanced technology is used for monitoring not only hay, but also a range of other organic materials in agriculture and forestry, including grain and compost. And international interest is growing.

“We are based in Finland, but we are present in 30 different countries [and have] over 2 500 customers,” said CEO Nadine Pesonen, adding that the company takes pride in manufacturing all products locally.


Jalo Helsinki has gained international acclaim for transforming everyday fire safety devices into elegant home accessories.

Jalo Helsinki

Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets rarely look pretty, but they can save lives an emergency where mere seconds count. Jalo Helsinki, however, has proved that mandatory fire safety products can be eye-catching and bring style to your home.

The company’s product line consists of two types of designer smoke alarms that need no battery changes, the world’s first designer extinguisher meant specifically for kitchens and fire blankets featuring desirable designs, like those by Tom of Finland. The attractive looks come with high quality, exceptional performance and the latest technology – all the characteristics that Finnish design is famous for.

“Making technology beautiful and desirable makes us unique,” said CEO Jarkko Epäilys. “I wish to develop safety items that you desire to include in your everyday life.”


HTM Solutions’ Cee° software remotely monitors vital signs in firefighters and other people working in hostile conditions.


In firefighting, elevated core temperature and dehydration can be lethally dangerous, making monitoring vital signs in firefighters crucial both in training and in real emergency situations. HTM Solutions, a VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s spinout, has come up with a unique solution capable of accurately calculating and delivering a wide range of thermal parameters in real time without intrusive probes, special pills or direct body measurements.

Known as Cee°, the solution was launched in collaboration with Emergency Services Academy Finland, which is responsible for educating and training firefighters in Finland. Among its numerous benefits, Cee° promises to significantly reduce the cost of monitoring the vital signs of firefighters and other people working in high-risk environments.

“Wherever there is a need to monitor physical condition and health, core temperature is the most important indicator,” noted Harri Lehti, CEO of HTM Solutions. “With HTM software, we can non-invasively monitor core temperature online and in real-time. People working in hostile conditions and athletes can all benefit from less invasive and less expensive monitoring options.”

By: Zhanna Koiviola