July 7, 2017

Youredi integrates with new European partner

Youredi 's Platform as a Service (iPaaS) leverages real-time integration and analytics .
Youredi 's Platform as a Service (iPaaS) leverages real-time integration and analytics .

Finnish Youredi, a provider of data integration and analytics solutions, has partnered up with Elavon Freight Payment, a European subsidiary of U.S. Bank.

The partnership means that Youredi will provide an integrated platform through which Elavon’s customers in Europe can submit payments, invoices and shipping instructions for freight deliveries.

The Elavon Freight Payment end-to-end electronic freight invoice, audit and payment solution is designed to meet the European regulatory requirements. The Youredi platform acts as a ‘translator’ between the bank’s freight payment system and the bank’s carrier customers.

Youredi enables companies to measure and monitor how their invoicing, payment and supply chain processes should be running, alerting them to process disruptions and errors as well as providing feedback to their customers.

“This cooperative partnership between Youredi and Elavon Freight Payment leverages the advanced design of our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS),” says Youredi CEO Jaakko Elovaara. “The ease with which we can onboard customers and transform their data will greatly improve their efficiency. Youredi and Elavon Freight Payment have strong pedigrees in invoice and payment processing.”

According to Elovaara, some of Elavon’s customers already use Youredi’s platform.

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