April 21, 2017

Wellmo aims for growth in key markets

Wellmo is a cloud-based platform and mobile app.
Wellmo is a cloud-based platform and mobile app.

Finnish health tech company Wellmo landed 1.3 million euros in a recent funding round, which will boost its global expansion efforts.

The money, coming from Finnish institutional and private investors, enables Wellmo to develop a global sales organisation to support international growth.

”Now we can increase our efforts to sales in our key markets: Germany, the Benelux countries and the Nordic countries,” says Jaakko Olkkonen, the managing director of Wellmo. “Insurance companies are becoming more and more interested in health services as a means to differentiate from competition, expand business, increase loyalty and lower costs.”

Wellmo has developed a mobile platform that enables insurance companies to create effective and scalable health and wellbeing services. It has over 20 customer companies that provide services to over seven million users in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Belgium and South Africa.

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