October 10, 2017

Tubecon wants to go global

YouTube is the most watched global media among teenagers.
YouTube is the most watched global media among teenagers.

YouTuber and online video event organiser Tubecon has closed a funding round and is now headed further abroad over 400 000 euros richer.

The exact number of euros collected through the funding round on Invesdor is 404 675. Prior to the closing of the round, venture capital company IPR.VC and Tubecon‘s existing shareholders committed to subscribing 112 500 euros’ worth of shares in case the offering didn’t receive subscriptions for at least 489 501 euros.

Tubecon aims to become a pan-European event network. The plan is to turn it into an international multiplatform intellectual property that expands through licensing.

So far Tubecon has been organised in a convention or touring event format 17 times in three different countries, engaging 750 creators and over 60 000 visitors. On top of its ongoing activities in the Nordics and Spain, Tubecon is negotiating with licensees opening new markets. At the moment the focus is on the Baltic region and German-speaking markets.

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