The winners were announced at the European Parliament in Brussels.
 The winners were announced at the European Parliament in Brussels. Image: TalentAdore

Three Finnish startups rise to EU Top 50

TalentAdore, and Universe have been selected among Europe’s Top 50 companies by Knowledge4Innovation.


The Top 50 Startups were announced at the European Parliament during this year’s European Innovation Summit, where non-profit organisation Knowledge4Innovation gathered Europe’s millennial startup founders addressing the region’s pressing challenges.

TalentAdore, and Universe pleased the committee, but the competition was tough.

“We were impressed by the vision, traction and the potential of these companies to make a significant impact and contribution towards the European innovation ecosystem,” Karolina Stawinska, head of the EU top 50 selection committee, says in a press release. “These millennial founders have solutions which will disrupt entire industries, and I strongly believe they have the potential to make a global impact. Many of these startups will potentially directly impact our quality of life, safety and wellbeing.”

The selection of the 50 startups covered all EU member countries. The winners were invited to present at the Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels.

TalentAdore provides a virtual recruitment assistant, augments companies’ customer service and Universe offers a digital workplace platform for enterprises.

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