September 25, 2019

The daily brief: 25 September 2019

Kurio's award-winning social media campaign for Microsoft highlighted successful women working in the tech industry.

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Kurio, the City of Espoo, and University of Helsinki researchers make headlines.

Kurio has been awarded for its #SurfaceTheWomen campaign for Microsoft, the Finnish city of Espoo is among the six most innovative cities in Europe, and a University of Helsinki research group has won the Medix prize.

Espoo is the iCapital of Finland

The Finnish city Espoo is among the top six cities in the European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) Awards organised by the European Commission. It is the best achievement for a Finnish city in the competition and earned Espoo a prize of 100 000 euros to use to promote local innovation activities. Espoo has been developing a city as a service model since 2012 to engage local citizens, businesses and academics and use digitalisation to provide increasingly diverse services. French city Nantes was named the European Capital of Innovation for 2019.

City of Espoo

Kurio’s women in IT campaign for Microsoft awarded

The #SurfaceTheWomen campaign developed by Finnish social media agency Kurio for Microsoft in Finland has been awarded gold and silver at the Digital Communications Awards in Berlin. The campaign sought to encourage more women to engage with the IT industry by presenting successful women working in the industry. The week-long campaign reached over 1.5 million Finns on social media, bringing forward more than 600 professional women in IT as examples. The campaign won in the Social Media Platform and came in second in the Technologies & Consumer Electronics category at the awards.


Researchers at University of Helsinki win Medix prize

A research group from the University of Helsinki has won the Minerva Foundation’s Medix prize for research in clinical medicine. Headed by Academy Professor Anu Wartiovaara, the group studied the genetic bases of severe childhood-onset cardiomyopathies, a condition that may require cardiac transplant. The research findings can be used for diagnostics, genetic counselling, development of therapeutic strategies and treatment decisions.

University of Helsinki

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