October 22, 2019

The daily brief: 22 October 2019

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen's environmental artwork made from 1 200 used t-shirts has been a popular sight in the centre of Oslo, Norway.
Hannu Aaltonen

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Sensible 4, Kaarina Kaikkonen and Sentor’s expansion to Finland make headlines.

Sensible 4 has been awarded substantially at a self-driving contest in Dubai, a Finnish artwork from Kaarina Kaikkonen is celebrated in Norway, and Swedish cybersecurity firm Sentor has expanded to Finland.

Sensible 4 wins at Dubai self-driving car challenge

Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4 has won the Dubai World Self-Driving Transport Challenge in the Startup category, which comes with a prize of one million US dollars (approx. 900 000 euros). The competition was organised to support the UAE’s strategy of turning 25 per cent of the transport in Dubai autonomous by 2030. Sensible 4 believes that the recognition will accelerate its growth both in the UAE and other international markets. The Finnish startup is offering software that enables autonomous vehicles to operate in all weather conditions, as the software has been developed and tested in Finland’s challenging climate.

Twitter/Sensible 4

Finnish environmental artwork gets big send-off in Oslo

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen’s massive art installation made from 1 200 used t-shirts, We Are Still the Same, is receiving a grand send-off on 27 October, after gaining widespread popularity at the SALT cultural arena in the Norwegian capital Oslo. The environmental artwork was meant to stay up for about a month but is still on show after more than a year since the opening ceremony. Located close to Oslo’s opera house in the city centre, the artwork has received widespread visibility both on Instagram and in the media, featuring for example in the intro video of Norwegian TV show Beforeigners. The used t-shirts are also getting a new lease on life, as local textile artists will use the materials for their own art projects.

Endre Lohne

Sentor sets up shop in Finland

Swedish cybersecurity firm Sentor has expanded to Finland with a new branch led by experienced Finnish information security expert Nicolas Gabriel-Robez. The Finnish office was launched a few weeks ago to meet growing demand in the country, and Sentor Finland has already closed several framework agreements with some of Finland’s largest companies.


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