Cabins by the shore line
 The Seaside Glass Villas in Finnish Lapland have won at the World Luxury Hotel Awards. Image: Kemi Tourism

The daily brief: 14 October 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Finnair, Nokia and Kemi Tourism make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Finnair has extended its flight network with Fiji Airways, Finnish Lapland plays host to the World Luxury Hotel Awards, and Nokia is accelerating the launch of 5G in Indonesia. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Finnair partners with Fiji Airways in the South Pacific

Finnish airline Finnair has entered into a codeshare agreement with Fiji Airways for flights between Finland’s capital, Helsinki, and Nadi in Fiji via three Finnair gateways. Finnair’s AY code will be added to Fiji Airways flights between Hong Kong, Singapore, Narita and Nadi, and later to Fiji Airways flights between San Francisco, Los Angeles and Nadi. This will allow Finnair customers to make an around-the-world trip for the first time using only Finnair flight codes. In return, Fiji Airways will be able to offer Finnair flights to Helsinki via Singapore, which improves its customers’ access to Finland and Europe at large. Image: Fiji Airways

Seaside Glass Villas in Lapland wins luxury tourism award

Seaside Glass Villas, located in Kemi in Finnish Lapland, have been awarded as a luxury destination at the 13th World Luxury Hotel Awards. The villas offer views of the Bay of Bothnia and a chance to catch the northern lights and enjoy a range of arctic activities. They are a part of The SnowCastle resort, which also includes a hotel where everything is made solely from snow and ice and a restaurant serving its dishes on ice tables. The prestigious international awards gala for luxury accommodation providers was this year organised for the first time in Finnish Lapland and Northern Europe. Image: Kemi Tourism

Nokia completes first end-to-end 5G trial in Indonesia

Nokia and Hutchison 3 Indonesia (3ID) have completed the first end-to-end 5G trial in Indonesia over a Nokia-built network. Multiple tests were conducted during the trial, which demonstrated that 3ID’s network is able to support end-to-end 5G deployment. The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology also took part in the trial, which focused on education-related use cases. By utilising 5G technology, a public lecture was held in the city of Surabaya, which was joined in via a live-stream holographic projection by a representative of the Indonesia 5G Forum in Jakarta. Image: Pexels

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