May 11, 2015

Serious gaming companies heading to Asia

Serious games can encourage people to improve their physical activity.

Serious Gaming Cluster Finland (SGC) partners with Borderless Healthcare Group to tap the development and distribution of healthcare games in China and the rest of Asia.

The Borderless Healthcare Group has inked a letter of intent with SGC to develop, accelerate and distribute games in China and the rest of Asia. Distribution channels will include nursing homes, high-tech caregiver network, home care network, community districts and smart homes network.

Borderless Healthcare Group has developed a “serious games” section in its newly built innovation centre at the heart of Shanghai to train caregivers on how to host and play games with the elderly.

“The new elderly audience may actually have a high appetite for games especially when games access is facilitated by high-tech caregivers within the Borderless Healthcare Group Eco-system,” says Mr Matti Kuha, chairman of Serious Gaming Cluster Finland.

Serious Gaming Cluster Finland (SGC) is a network of 30 companies developing games with a primary purpose other than pure entertainment.

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