November 1, 2016

San Diego cuts emissions by turning to Neste

San Diego is going green with Neste's renewable diesel.
San Diego is going green with Neste's renewable diesel. Wager

San Diego has become the latest Californian city to start powering its vehicle fleet of service trucks, street sweepers and such, with Neste’s renewable diesel.

The second largest city in California, San Diego, has recently began to power over 1 100 vehicles, or approximately 25 per cent of the city’s vehicle fleet, with Neste’s renewable diesel.

With the move, San Diego joins the ranks of the cleanest city fleet in California with other notable cities, including San Francisco, having already made the switch. Using renewable diesel instead of traditional petroleum diesel can cut greenhouse emissions for the vehicles by up to 80 per cent and significantly improve the local air quality.

“This change will make a major part of our fleet greener overnight, creating more environmentally-friendly vehicles that are cheaper to maintain,” mayor of San Diego, Kelvin L. Faulconer, says. “By transitioning to renewable diesel, we’re significantly reducing the pollution caused by city vehicles that serve the public on a daily basis.”

Neste is the largest producer of renewable diesel in the world and was recently included on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) highest Climate A list for its role in combating climate change.

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