baby lying on bed
 The babykit includes 17 gender-neutral Moomin-themed items including onesies, tops, bottoms, blankets and a swaddle. Image: Reima

Reima delivers baby kit with Moomin fit

Children’s activewear company Reima has teamed up with Moomin Characters to launch a starter pack for expectant parents in the US, with other markets to follow.

Samuli Ojala


The collection of 17 gender-neutral baby essentials is targeted at expectant parents and parents with a newborn baby. The Baby Kit has been inspired by Finland’s baby box and will include onesies, bodysuits, bottoms and more. Reima has launched the kit in the US and will soon follow suit in Japan.

“We want to spread the idea of a Nordic childhood to the rest of the world,” explains Asta Vainiomäki, business manager at Reima. “We believe that to grow up into an independent, creative and active adult, a child needs to be able to move freely and examine one’s surroundings.”

“It is the job of parents to enable this safe exploration by offering support and convenient and wholesome clothing,” she added.

All textiles have been designed with quality, practicality and safety in mind and inspired by artist and writer Tove Jansson‘s book Who Will Comfort Toffle?. The Baby Kit has received a warm response in the US, especially for its gender-neutral design and colour scheme, as well as the quality of its merino wool items.

“Reima shares the same values as the Moomins and we admire the art and work of Tove Jansson,” tells Vainiomäki. “Family and friends are at the heart of what we do, as are the four seasons and an active outdoorsy and adventurous mindset.”

Reima has plans to bring the kit to Europe and Russia in 2021.

woman carrying a set of baby clothes

Together, the Moomins and Reima are bringing the very best of Finnishness to the world. Image: Reima

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