Small things matter

Laura Varja / 
August 7, 2019

“Changes begin with small actions,” writes Laura Varja. “Reducing our emissions and compensating for those we cannot reduce plays an important role in preventing climate change.”

Hong Kong has room for Finnish companies

Gitta Hägg-Lundvall / 
July 24, 2019

The Finnish brand is strong in Hong Kong, writes Gitta Hägg-Lundvall, epitomising trust, cleanliness and technological knowhow, combined with soft values.

Transforming libraries for the future

Lotta Muurinen and Antti Sauli / 
June 26, 2019

Libraries have a strong position in the Finnish society as a low-threshold and free-of-charge service open to all, write Lotta Muurinen and Antti Sauli.

China and Finland – mutual lessons in corporate financing

Mika Relander / 
June 12, 2019

Mika Relander spent the spring on secondment in China and has some excellent insights into how Finland and China can learn from one another.

Finland can lead the world towards a carbon-neutral circular economy

Ernesto Hartikainen / 
May 29, 2019

The happiest country in the world should also be the most responsible, writes Ernesto Hartikainen from Sitra.

Working in Finland is internationally relevant

Tyshawn Hall / 
May 15, 2019

This week, Tyshawn Hall shares some insights for those seeking employment in Finland.

Finland must step up to help solve the global learning crisis​

Annika Sundbäck-Lindroos / 
May 8, 2019

Finland must be more active in sharing its learnings with those children in need worldwide, writes Annika Sundbäck-Lindroos.

The competitive advantage of family-friendly workplaces

Annica Moore and Susanna Mikkonen / 
April 24, 2019

Being family-friendly is one of the most efficient ways to attract and retain the best employees and to invest in their wellbeing, write Annica Moore and Susanna Mikkonen.

Storyteller, challenge yourself – it’s time for story experiences

Anne Kalliomäki / 
April 17, 2019

Anne Kalliomäki is an entrepreneur and award-winning author with a mission to help companies shape their business through storification

Why business angel investing is worth 435 risks

Janne Jormalainen / 
April 10, 2019

Finland has one of the biggest and most active business angel networks in Europe, writes Janne Jormalainen.

The soundscape is an essential tourism element

Ivan Fesenko / 
March 27, 2019

Careful consideration of the sonic environment is a must for the creation of sustainable and memorable tourist experiences, writes Ivan Fesenko.