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 The solution monitors depressed people’s mood and supports their recovery by giving a realistic picture of their mental wellbeing. Image: Medified
Health Technology

Novel support for depression trialled in Finland

A mobile application for patients and a cloud-based application for healthcare professionals are being tested in the City of Oulu’s healthcare services.


The Mielipäiväkirja app provides people suffering from depression with realistic information about their mental wellbeing and seeks to help them identify their different moods. By encouraging them also to notice good days, the goal is to enable users to learn to identify what influences their high and low spirits. Healthcare professionals can then monitor their patients’ wellbeing remotely.

The innovation is being tested in the City of Oulu’s healthcare services by mental health patients from the Student Health Station (Oulu University of Applied Sciences and educational consortium OSAO), psychiatric nurses and unemployed mental health patients under the age of 30 from Byström Ohjaamo.

The solution’s software was developed by Finnish healthtech company Medified Solutions and its mobile application for patients and cloud-based application for healthcare professionals seeks to fully support mental health recovery.

This initiative is carried out as part of 6Aika’s CoHeWe project. The news was first reported in English by OuluHealth.

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