September 21, 2016

Nokia on the rails in Berlin and Buenos Aires

Metro line H serves Argentina's largest city.
Metro line H serves Argentina's largest city.

Finland’s communications giant Nokia is to deliver a advanced communications network to a subway line in Buenos Aires and is taking on the the end-to-end management of a network for S-Bahn Berlin.

In the Argentinian capital, Nokia‘s communications network is being provided for the extension of the city’s Metro line H to support various operational and passenger services.

According to a press release, Nokia is to supply a communications network that encompasses data transmission infrastructure, operational telephony, radio communications, passenger information display and public announcement systems and close circuit television (CCTV). The company will also integrate components from third parties and provide professional services such as engineering and design.

Nokia has also been selected to manage an advanced communications network for S-Bahn Berlin. The company will provide managed services for S-Bahn Berlin’s Internet Protocol/Multi-protocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) network, which hosts a video system supporting train dispatch, and supports a passenger information system for 166 stations.

This multi-year agreement expands Nokia’s existing relationship with Deutsche Bahn. Previously, Nokia supplied technology to support train dispatch and passenger information. Now Nokia takes on the end-to-end management of the IP/MPLS network for S-Bahn Berlin, including processes such as incident management and advanced technical support.

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