January 20, 2017

Nocart to turn sun into power in Zambia

Nocart delivers many kinds of power plant projects.
Nocart delivers many kinds of power plant projects.

Nocart has signed a supply contract for the delivery of a 30–40 MW solar hybrid power plant. The value of the signed contract for Nocart is 200 million US dollars.

The contract is for the first part of a 100MW solar hybrid power plant, which is to supply power to a sugarcane plantation in Zambia’s Shang’ombo district. Previously Nocart has announced a Memorandum of Agreement with this customer, which selected Nocart as the technology supplier of complete power plants to Zambia for their upcoming projects. This contract covers the first of potentially several upcoming projects included in that Memorandum of Agreement.

This supply contract and delivery consists of a solar diesel hybrid power plant. The Nocart power plant will supply power to, for example, a 30 000-hectare sugarcane plantation and a modern sugar processing factory.

“We have been working in Africa for a few years now and understood early on that the opportunity for Nocart in Africa is huge,” says Nocart CEO Vesa Korhonen. “Now we begin to collect the first fruits of our work but we know that there are many possibilities to continue growth over the coming years in this market.”

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