Mightifier allows school children to give positive feedback to one another.
 Mightifier allows school children to give positive feedback to one another. Image: The Mighty United

New backers boost Mighty United’s US fortunes

Finnish company The Mighty United has found advisors and investors to back its entry to the US.

The Finnish education technology startup has welcomed, as its new advisors and investors, business executives Jacob and Hans Dalborg from Stockholm, Sweden, and investor and keynote speaker Jeany Stein from Silicon Valley, the US.

In a release, Mervi Pänkäläinen, the founder and chief executive of The Mighty United, reveals the new advisors will help the startup to gain entry to Stateside.

“We are very excited to start co-operation with our new advisors,” she states. “Jacob has also joined the board, and he has a vast experience in leadership, digital business development and the publishing industry. Jeany will support the market entry strategy development, as well as act as a liaison to key players in the area. First, we are looking for a distribution partner to work with in the US.”

The Mighty United is known particularly for Mightifier, an educational app designed to help children to develop their emotional and social skills.

“Mightifier has a great potential in schools. We’ve already seen the positive impact Mightifier has on reducing bullying and boosting inclusive classroom spirit. I’m very happy to be part of them as an investor and advisor,” tells Stein.

Keen to learn more about Mightifier? Check out our feature.

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