January 19, 2017

Neste refuels its focus in North America

Smoke testing between Neste renewable diesel (on the left) and fossil diesel.
Smoke testing between Neste renewable diesel (on the left) and fossil diesel.

Neste has rebranded its renewable diesel fuel in North America and is looking for ever more ways to produce biofuels in Canada.

Neste announced earlier this week that it will rebrand its renewable diesel fuel to ‘Neste MY Renewable Diesel’ in North America and also rebrand its other renewable products with ‘Neste MY’ brand names.

The announcement was made in San Diego, California where much of the city’s vehicle fleet is being powered by Neste’s renewable diesel, which can cut up to 80 per cent of greenhouse emissions over its lifecycle compared with fossil diesel.

“We are very excited to have announced our new brand name,” says Jeremy Baines, VP sales North America. It will clearly differentiate our high quality drop-in renewable diesel from other diesels on the market today.”

Neste My Renewable Diesel is produced completely from renewable raw materials and is put together using Neste’s NEXBTL technology, which allows Neste to produce renewable diesel and other renewable products from almost any waste fat or vegetable oil.

Meanwhile, the company has also begun a co-operation with Bioenergy La Tuque to study the feasibility of using forest residues as raw material for biofuels in La Tuque, Canada.

“Neste is the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel from waste and residues, and we are constantly looking into expanding our renewable raw material base,” explains Lars Peter Lindfors, SVP for technology at Neste.

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