January 7, 2019

My career: From start to Finnish

Anita Chen, Taiwan
Director of technology

1. The reason I ended up in Finland is… to explore the secret recipe of the best education in the world.

2. How I got my current job is… I was planning to take a year’s break from my career. While sending my CV all over the world for the coming year, it happened that there was a job opening and the interview went great. I loved the school’s vision and setting. It is every educator’s dream to be in Finland. I ended up not taking a year off but jumped on a flight to Helsinki.

3. What I find surprising about working in Finland is… the respect for women in leadership as women’s voices are heard and valued.

4. If I could change one thing about Finnish working life it would be… to celebrate both success and failure, as everything is part of the learning process, no need to be shy about it.

5. The piece of advice I would give to someone contemplating coming to work in Finland is… get ready to enjoy the work–life balance and you will enjoy it, love it and get addicted to it.


We are getting to know what people born abroad think about working life in Finland.

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Looking for more good news? Subscribe to our newsletter