The skincare gift box 2.0 is made out of lightweight paperboard.
 The skincare gift box 2.0 is made out of lightweight paperboard. Image: Metsä Board

Metsä Board’s gift box keeps on giving in Shanghai

Metsä Board’s skincare gift box has won first place at the Luxe Pack Shanghai Awards in the ‘in green’ category, repeating the same feat it accomplished last year.

The annual trade fair gathers luxury packaging professionals to Shanghai for networking, but also to discuss and award the latest creative packaging solutions. Representing one of the most topical categories, the ‘in green’ award celebrates sustainability and demonstrates the environmental impact of a packaging solution.

Metsä Board’s skincare gift box 1.0 was designed three years ago and has gone on to establish itself as a regular on industry award podiums, winning multiple prizes for its eco-friendliness. It also managed to clinch top spot at the Luxe Pack Awards in 2017.

The upgraded gift box 2.0 was launched in late 2017, and, according to a release, it reduces packaging material use by 25–30 per cent and offers a completely plastic-free packaging solution.

Cyril Drouet, design and innovation director at Metsä Board, is delighted about the response to the upgraded solution, highlighting the company’s intention to “inspire packaging designers and brand owners with new innovative solutions in packaging design and using renewable materials”, according to a release.

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