January 9, 2015

Iron Sky sequel crowd funds USD 560K

Fans from 79 countries contributed to the funding.
Fans from 79 countries contributed to the funding.
Iron Sky

The campaign to crowdfund the preproduction of Finnish-German science fiction spoof Iron Sky: The Coming Race has raised 560 949 dollars in 60 days on IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform.

The campaign was the second successful crowdfunding campaign for the film.

The first campaign on IndieGoGo ended in July 2013, bringing in 182 557 US dollars for the promo and the script of the film. So far, the Nazis-from-the-moon film has raised over 740 000 US dollars from the worldwide community.

During the campaign, which began in November, 8 048 supporters from 79 countries contributed to the funding.

The perks where the film was sold directly to the audience were the most profitable and gathered the biggest amount of contributions. These included role perks with hundreds of fans signing up as extras for the film, screen credits, merchandise and premiere tickets.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is set to begin shooting in the second half of this year for a 2016 release.

The  co-production will be produced by Tero Kaukomaa of Iron Sky Universe from Finland and Oliver Damian of 27 Film Productions from Germany.

The first film, Iron Sky, is about the Nazis setting up a secret base on the dark side of the moon in 1945 and planning to return to Earth in 2018.

The sequel, which takes place 20 years later, moves the action to the centre of the Earth.

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