April 12, 2016

Inwido opens up wider possibilities in Finland with Lämpölux acquisition

Inwido is Europe’s largest supplier of windows and doors.
Inwido is Europe’s largest supplier of windows and doors.

Swedish windows and doors supplier Inwido has signed an agreement with Värmelux, which owns and runs its window and door business under the brand name Lämpölux.

The deal sees Inwido acquiring 83 per cent of the Finnish company’s shares, with an option for the remaining 17 per cent.

“This is a very good acquisition for us,” says Håkan Jeppsson, president and CEO of Inwido. “Lämpölux brings expertise in sales, marketing and installation, providing an excellent complement to our existing operations in Finland.”

Established six years ago, Lämpölux specialises in the sale and installation of windows, doors and garage doors in wood and wood/aluminium from 18 sales offices around Finland. The company is headquartered in Oulu and has approximately 180 employees and annual sales of around 29 million euros.

CEO Pekka Koskelo is to remain at Lämpölux, together with the rest of the management team, to further develop the business. It is anticipated that the acquisition will result in significant synergies and create good growth opportunities.

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