September 29, 2017

Intermarketing finds a new owner in Sweden

Intermarketing has been serving customers since 1969.
Intermarketing has been serving customers since 1969.

Swedish Loomis has acquired Finnish Intermarketing, a company providing cash recycling solutions to customers in the bank and retail sector.

The enterprise value is approximately 19 million euros.

Intermarketing, based in Helsinki, has to the tune of 30 employees. It is a Nordic leader in cash recycling solutions, and in Finland it has installed close to 1 000 recycling systems.

“We see a potential for taking the knowledge and solutions to customers in other Loomis countries, initially with a focus on the Nordic markets,” says Patrik Andersson, president and CEO of Loomis, in a release. “Intermarketing’s solutions mean that customers can reduce their cost of handling cash and we believe that these smart solutions will keep cash competitive compared to other payment solutions for a very long time to come.”

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