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 The Finnish-inspired learning concepts offered by Huppu include curriculum enrichment, teacher training, teaching materials and methods, and consultation services. Image: Screenshot/Huippu

Huippu Education shares its learnings in Jordan

Finnish company Huippu Education has announced a collaboration with the New English School in Amman, Jordan.

The partnership seeks to harness Finnish knowledge to equip the school with a high standard of early-childhood and primary education. Established in 1986, the New English School’s student body comprises 35 nationalities.

The school joins Huippu Education’s growing international customer base, to which it provides high-end and well-established education services.

“We see ourselves as pioneers of renewing how education is seen globally,” said Laura Indrén, founder and CEO at Huippu Education. “Whether it is at the most remote location, lively city or sometimes even a conflict area, we want to ensure all children are being offered the best available education – from early childhood to graduation.”

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