paper straws
 Huhtamäki’s paper straws are made from PEFC certified paper and offer a sustainable solution for plastic straws. Image: Huhtamäki

Huhtamäki helps McDonald’s go green

Finnish packaging company Huhtamäki has signed a deal to supply McDonald’s with sustainable paper straws in the UK and across Europe.

Samuli Ojala


Huhtamäki announced the deal alongside the launch of the new sustainable straws that are made from fibre sourced from sustainably managed forests.

“We have invested in new, purpose-built machinery to deliver premium product quality,” said Neal McCone, global category director at Huhtamäki. “With our initial output, we are serving McDonald’s in the UK and across Europe as one of their main suppliers.”

The company has received food safety certificates for markets in Europe, the US and China, and is looking to expand its market presence in the future and introduce other size options in addition to the standard 7.3-millimetre straw.

“We look forward to the opportunity to offer a sustainable choice, grow the market and be the leading supplier,” continued McCone. “We are confident that we can offer paper straws that are durable and superior in performance compared to the current market offering.”

Huhtamäki was founded in 1920 and has since expanded to 34 countries, reporting net sales of three billion euros in 2017.

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