November 27, 2017

Hobbyhorse Revolution continues gallop

Hobbyhorse Revolution has turned into an international success.
Hobbyhorse Revolution has turned into an international success.
Stefan Bremer / Tutti Films

The film about young hobbyhorsing enthusiasts hit screens in Sweden last week, with more countries in the waiting line.

In Sweden, Hobbyhorse Revolution can be seen in 24 locations, an exceptional number for a Finnish youth documentary. The film’s Swedish distributor is Folkets Bio, which also owns cinemas. On top of Folkets Bio’s own theatres, the screenings take place in cinemas run by SF Bio.

The Swedish press has showered praise on the film: Dagens Nyheter calls it the best documentary film of the year, and Sveriges Radio awarded it with five out of five stars.

Hobbyhorse Revolution has been seen in cinemas in Denmark, and next year, the Netherlands and North America will get their share of the fever. In addition to the cinemas, the film has featured at various film festivals around the globe.

“Although we have developed the film from the start with the international market in mind, we cannot deny we are thrilled by the international interest towards the film,” producers Venla Hellstedt and Elli Toivoniemi from Tuffi Films note. “It is extremely rewarding to see how Selma Vilhunen’s film has gotten wings underneath it and how the empowering story of young girls touches people all over the world.”

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