December 15, 2016

Hetzner sets foot in Finland

The foundation stone of the first Hetzner Finland data centre was laid on Thursday.
The foundation stone of the first Hetzner Finland data centre was laid on Thursday.

Hetzner Finland is constructing its first data centre just 10 minutes from Helsinki Airport. Actual data centre operations are scheduled to start in the autumn of 2017.

A year ago, the German web hosting provider and data center operator Hetzner Online announced it will build its new data centre park in Finland. The foundation stone was laid today, 15 December.

The first data centre in Tuusula will be constructed during the first half of 2017, and other units will follow in the coming years. The data centre in Tuusula will be built using Hetzner Online’s own, award-winning concept. Hetzner Online has thus far built almost 20 data centres in Germany.

The climate conditions, geographically favourable location between Eastern and Western Europe and the low pricing of electricity were the most important factors in favour for Finland. The project will hire construction companies and contractors from Tuusula area, which it will boost the local building business.

The Tuusula data center complements Hetzner Online’s two German data centre parks in Germany. Hetzner Online also operates a data centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The company has clients in over 120 countries, and the data solutions provided by the Tuusula data centre will be available to clients worldwide.

Finpro’s Invest in Finland seeks to build digital infrastructure and develop expertise to enable secure, reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally conscious business operations in Finland. This investment promotion work has already resulted in several big investments, including that of Hertzner.

“Hetzner Online’s business model fits very well with these objectives,” says Alpo Akujärvi, head of data centres, a part of Finpro’s Invest in Finland division. “We therefore warmly welcome Hetzner Online to Finland.”

Akujärvi points out that the newly established submarine cable between Finland and Germany opens up opportunities to significantly lower the cost of operations.

“Hetzner Online was quick to recognise this window of opportunity, but it is still open for others,” he notes.


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