December 19, 2016

FIT Biotech and InnaVirVax to fight HIV

The two vaccines could have a synergistic effect in functional HIV cure.
The two vaccines could have a synergistic effect in functional HIV cure.

Finnish FIT Biotech and Paris-based InnaVirVax have commenced collaboration in HIV treatment that combines their proprietary immunotherapeutic HIV vaccines.

The two vaccines, both with different mods of action, potentially have a synergistic effect in functional HIV cure. Functional cure is defined as “a sustained remission of HIV infection without the need for continuous treatment with chemical drugs and no disease progression”.

The two companies are planning to start a phase II trial next year in order to evaluate the safety, tolerability, immunogenicity and clinical efficacy of FIT Biotech’s DNA-based HIV-vaccine in combination with InnaVirVax’s immunoprotective vaccine. InnaVirVax will conduct and fund the clinical study in return for co-ownership of the immunotherapy.

Upon successful completion of the study, the companies plan to jointly seek additional third party support and resources to further develop and commercialise the combination of the two products.

“FIT Biotech is excited to enter into collaboration with InnaVirVax that combines two different therapeutic approaches to stimulate the immune system against HIV,” says James Kuo, CEO of FIT Biotech. “Combinations of small molecule pharmaceuticals have an excellent track record in treating HIV and we are hopeful that combining different immunotherapeutics will also benefit from this approach without the drug-related burden.”

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