May 25, 2017

Finnish Top Gear game to see daylight this summer

Top Gear Road Trip is created together with the BBC.
Top Gear Road Trip is created together with the BBC.
Screenshot/Top Gear Road Trip

Helsinki-based game studio Motorious Entertainment has collected a total of 1.3 million euros in funding to boost the making of its first, Top Gear-themed game.

The most recent funding, 800 000 euros from Finnish investors, was announced this week.

Motorious Entertainment will use the money to grow its team ahead of the launch of its first game Top Gear Road Trip. The game is, as the name suggests, based on the TV show made famous by BBC Worldwide.

On top of other marketing efforts, Motorious Entertainment will take advantage of the show’s 400 million-strong fan base around the world.

The games enables players to test the challenges familiar from Top Gear, such as launching Rocket Robin into space and destroying a Toyota Hilux. The aim is to break one’s personal records as well as compete against friends.

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