woman holding a Disposable cup
 Disposable cups made of Kotkamills’ cupstock are 100 per cent plastic-free and easily recyclable. Image: Kotkamills

Finnish sustainable solutions awarded globally

Kotkamills and Colombier Group’s Finnish subsidiary have been recognised for their sustainable cup materials, while Isku has been awarded for its ecological Kivikko seat.

Kotkamills has been announced a winner of the NextGen Cup Challenge organised by the multi-industry NextGen Consortium that advances the introduction of food packaging alternatives.

Kotkamills’ solution is an innovative water-based dispersion coating that creates an effective barrier layer for food and other packaging applications. Disposable cups made of its cupstock are completely plastic-free and easily recyclable with normal paper and board waste.

“Today consumers and companies actively seek solutions that make the world less dependent on plastic,” said Kotkamills CEO Markku Hämäläinen. “We have created a plastic-free, easily recyclable and biodegradable raw material for disposable paper cups, and we are thrilled by this opportunity to work with global brands in order to make a difference one cup at a time.”

Another Finland-based NextGen Cup Challenge winner is Colombier Finland, recognised for its water-based non-plastic biobarrier coating that can replace plastic in cups, food containers and packaging. The company located in Pyhtää, Finland, is a subsidiary of the Colombier Group.

Isku takes a bow for its seat

Finnish furniture company Isku has also been recognised for its sustainable practices, with its Kivikko seat, designed by Henri Halla-aho, awarded as the most sustainable product in the education sector at the GESS Education Awards.

“I am extremely happy and proud that Isku receives the award for the best sustainable and ecological product, as responsibility is part of our company’s DNA,” said Arto Tiitinen, CEO at Isku. “Sustainability is present in the life-cycle of our products from the design to production and the finished product, all the way to our customers.”

The material used for the Kivikko seat is made entirely from side stream of foam plastic production that would otherwise be wasted.

The material used for the Kivikko seat is made entirely from side stream of foam plastic production that would otherwise go to waste. Image: Isku

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