November 3, 2017

Finnish superhero Rendel popular in Latin America

Looking good on the international arena.
Looking good on the international arena.
Juuli Aschan/Black Lion Pictures

Finland’s first superhero movie Rendel is faring well on international markets and has been sold to almost 30 countries, with special interest coming from Latin America.

Rendel is the first superhero from Finland to make it to the big screen, and has generated great interest globally as revealed by sales figures published during the ongoing American Film Market event.

The Finnish superhero movie has been highly anticipated in Mexico and Latin America, where Rendel will be shown across 650 screens. The movie premiered in Germany in September where the official novelisation rights of Rendel also went, and has so far been sold to the US, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan, to name a few.

“Even before shooting the movie we were convinced it would be aimed at international markets and the biggest fanbase would be found outside of Europe,” says director and creator of RendelJesse Haaja, in a press release.

“The interest for Rendel shows that a Finnish superhero can succeed internationally,” Haaja continues. “Especially the Latin American fans have been waiting for the movie and I believe Rendel will get a lot of viewers there. This is a good continuum for the movie’s success in Mexico, where we won the award for Best Action Movie at the Feratum Film Festival .”

Rendel has also generated interest in Asia and the distribution team hopes to close China soon as well. “At this moment we are going through the last details regarding censorship and release schedules,” reveals Rendel producer and distributor Miika J. Norvanto from Black Lion Pictures. “Hopefully we can bring good news from there this side of the year.”

The storyline of Rendel follows a regular Finnish citizen turned masked vigilante with a thirst for revenge.

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