November 18, 2016

Finnish sauna expert Harvia adds heat in Europe

Harvia is one of the best-known brands in the international sauna and spa market.
Harvia is one of the best-known brands in the international sauna and spa market.
Harvia / Joel Kernasenko

Harvia has acquired Austrian company Sentiotec, which now makes Harvia a true European one-stop-shop for saunas in professional, as well as consumer markets.

According to Harvia, Sentiotec has the industry’s largest product range in traditional saunas, infrared saunas and sauna products. Its net revenue is eight million euros. The seller is Abatec Group, a conglomerate in electronics.

The acquisition fuels Harvia’s growth in Central Europe and increases the company’s competitive advantage within the sauna industry, which is facing diversification and digitalisation.

Harvia’s CEO Tapio Pajuharju.

Harvia’s CEO Tapio Pajuharju.


“Harvia is already the world champion in sauna heaters,” Harvia’s CEO Tapio Pajuharju notes. “Our next goal is to reach the world championship in saunas overall. This acquisition combines two leading companies in sauna industry. In the future we will be able to offer a full selection of saunas both to professionals and consumers everywhere in Europe.”

The acquisition also strengthens Harvia’s position in digital control units for saunas, as Sentiotec has combined traditional and infrared saunas.

“A significant part of its sauna sales comes from so-called hybrid saunas, which combine the best qualities of traditional and infrared saunas,” Pajuharju explains. “The hybrid sauna is controlled with a user-friendly digital control unit. We believe that this trend will spread fast and we will soon become familiar with new sauna experiences in Finland, too.”

Previously about 60 per cent of Harvia’s net revenue of 50 million euros has come from exports. Now the volume of international operations will continue to increase.

Sentiotec is particularly strong in the German and Austrian markets. In the two countries, the company has built one of the largest distribution channels in the industry. Through these channels, Harvia will be able to increase the sales of its current products, which are manufactured mainly in Muurame, Finland. Sentiotec’s manufacturing sites are located in Austria and Romania.

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