November 25, 2015

Finnish research reduces wind power interference

The new solutions offer reprieve for consumers, operators and authorities.
The new solutions offer reprieve for consumers, operators and authorities.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed ways in which wind farms can be designed to minimise their effects on television broadcasting and mobile communications.

These new methods and tools enable an optimal location to be identified for wind turbines.

As a dynamic force is produced by the rotation of its blades, a wind turbine typically generates a greater static impact than ordinary buildings. The fact that turbine towers tend to be considerably taller than most buildings and are clustered together also impacts on their level of interference.

Energy companies, as well as operators that are building mobile communication or television networks in the vicinity of existing wind turbines, are set to benefit from VTT’s new technology. The solutions facilitate prior assessment of the need to adjust base station antennas, or whether additional base stations and television gapfiller transmitters should be installed.

“With our methods, it is possible to verify the impacts and investigate their actual causes, and thereby identify the source of problems and mitigate the impacts,” explains VTT’s principal scientist Markku Sipilä.

Significant savings potential is presented by identifying such locales before the turbines are erected.

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