April 8, 2015

Finnish education know-how to Northwest Russia

Finnish education system is globally recognized.
Finnish education system is globally recognised.
Riitta Supperi / Keksi / Team Finland

Finnish company Smart Internationalization has signed partnership agreement with Russian Ruspro in order to provide Finnish ICT companies and education sector information about opportunities on Russian education market enabling more feasible, structured and well-planned market entry.

Despite the current economic situation, the education market in Russia is growing rapidly. Expenses on different education services are considered as investments into the future of the whole family and the Finnish education system is highly respected in the Northwest of Russia.

By establishing partnership both companies intend to increase the value of the highly focused professional services provided to Finnish companies, including knowledge of Finnish internationalisation practices and the local Russian market.

First common projects are already at the negotiation stage.

Smart Internationalization is a Vantaa-based company that offers sales development advisory services for growth in external markets in the sectors including ICT, education and software.

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