Playvation is a spinoff from Finnish Promentor Solutions, a pioneer in digital language learning.
 Playvation is a spinoff from Finnish Promentor Solutions, a pioneer in digital language learning. Image: Screenshot/Moomin Language School

Finnish edtech to teach youngsters in the Gulf

Kipinä Kids and Moomin Language School have commenced co-operation in the Persian Gulf region.

The agreement blends together two Finnish core comptences - digitalisation and education.

The agreement blends together two core Finnish competences – digitalisation and education. Image: Moomin Language School

Nursery and preschool franchise Kipinä Kids will take up Moomin Language School to enhance language learning in its schools after a successful pilot programme conducted in spring 2018.

“Many of our children are native English speakers, and we still see the value in using the program with them to build vocabulary, extend the themes, increase executive functioning skills, and use technology to enhance fine motor skills,” says Jeannine Laubner, academic director at Kipinä Kids.

Kipinä Kids currently operates three schools in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, and is planning to open eight more in 2019.

Moomin Language School is a flagship project by Finnish education technology provider Playvation, offering a research-based way to start learning a foreign language or build up a child’s native language skills.

“We’re committed to building this into a successful business in the long term,” CEO Anu Guttorm told us last month.

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