The Illuminators shines a light on the story of the director’s family, and their quest to bring electricity to every corner of Lapland.
 Image: Screenshot/The Illuminators

Finnish documentary wins in Germany

Director Antti Haase’s film The Illuminators (Valontuojat) has won the best documentary prize at the Nordic Film Days Lübeck.


Haase was on hand to accept the Documentary Film Prize of the Lübeck Trade Unions.

Antti Haase was on hand to accept the award. Image: Illume

Produced by Finnish film studio Illume, The Illuminators tells about the electrification of Finnish Lapland through the story of the director’s own family.

His grandfather, Baltic German engineer Gunnar Haase, arrived in Finnish Lapland as a refugee in 1945. He began to repair the destruction left by the Germans and bring electricity to the region. This work was continued by his son, with the power lines finally reaching the very last home in Lapland in 1987.

“The award goes to a film that shows how a vision carried across generations, combined with courage, confidence and solidarity, can overcome obstacles and help the people of Finnish Lapland to a better quality of life,” the jury stated, in a release.

This year was the 60th time that the Nordic Film Days Lübeck has been held in the German city. Director Haase accepted the Documentary Film Prize of the Lübeck Trade Unions in person. Haase thanked the jury and wished that his father could see him now.

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