Eriksson's M character inspired by Marilyn Monroe will see the light of day at the Critics' Week section of the Venice Film Festival.
 Eriksson’s M character inspired by Marilyn Monroe will see the light of day at the Critics’ Week section of the Venice Film Festival. Image: Cursum Perficio

Finnish art film ‘M’ to premiere in Venice

Finnish artist and pop star Anna Eriksson’s debut film M will premiere at the 33rd Venice International Critics’ Week.

Produced and directed by Eriksson, M is a passion project that took the Finnish artist four years to complete. It explores the themes of death and sexuality through the Marilyn Monroe-inspired character M, played by Eriksson herself.

is the most challenging and meaningful artwork of my career so far,” Eriksson says, in a release. “M was made completely independently and by trusting in my own vision, and that is why this recognition feels especially good.”

The Venice International Critics’ Week will feature seven debut films chosen by the Italian National Film Critics Union. It is an independent section of the Venice Film Festival, in which the films will compete for an audience award, for an innovation award and for best technical contribution.

is also competing for the Lion of the Future award for best debut film, which comes with a 100 000-US-dollar prize.

The Venice Film Festival takes place between 29 August and 8 September.

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