February 17, 2016

Finland’s Uusimaa ranks highly for future investment

Helsinki was ranked 11th on the European City of the Future listing.
Helsinki was ranked 11th on the European City of the Future listing.
Visit Finland / Jussi Hellstén

Financial Times publication Fdi Magazine has released its European Cities and Regions of the Future 2016/17 rankings. Finland’s Uusimaa region and capital city have both performed strongly.

The report ascertains the most attractive investment locations in Europe.

Consisting of the southern cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, Uusimaa impressed as the top-placed mid-sized European Region of the Future and also came up trumps in the Economic Potential category. It was ranked second in Human Capital and Lifestyle, and came forth in the Northern European Region of the Future listing.

Overall Uusimaa was deemed to be the 10th-placed European Region of the Future.

Meanwhile, Helsinki was ranked Europe’s fifth major city with Economic Potential and sixth with Connectivity, as well as ninth in both Patent Registration and Human Capital. When taking into account cities of all sizes, Finland’s capital was ranked as the 11th European City of the Future.

Data was for the publication was collected for a total of 481 locations, including 294 cities, 148 regions and 39 local enterprise partnerships. These were each assessed under five categories, including Economic Potential, Labour Environment, Cost Effectiveness, Infrastructure and Business Friendliness.

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