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 Finland – an innovative place to learn. Education here was ranked the world’s fourth-best. Image: Aalto University
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Finland leads the world in innovation rankings

Mobile app creation, PCT patent applications by origin, rule of law and e-participation are some of the areas where Finland has been ranked number one globally in the Global Innovation Index.

James O’Sullivan


Published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the annual report looked at 80 detailed metrics for 129 economies in 2019.

Switzerland topped the overall list once again, with Sweden, the US, the Netherlands and the UK rounding out the top five. Finland moved up one spot to sixth position and remains a world leader in a number of important innovation metrics, such as patent families, school life expectancy and ease of resolving insolvency.

Other areas where Finland excelled were human capital and research (second), business sophistication (fifth), online creativity (sixth) and knowledge diffusion (seventh).

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