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 The Feedbackly team have developed a powerful customer feedback software. Image: Feedbackly

Feedbackly teams up with CX training expert

Finnish tech startup Feedbackly has partnered with US-based Owen CX to supplement its offering with customer experience (CX) training programmes and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) masterclass.

Feedbackly‘s software automatically gathers customer feedback across multiple channels and analyses it for companies and retailers. The all-in-one software will now be linked with Owen CX’s comprehensive customer experience training programmes.

Owen CX provides an online NPS masterclass and toolkit that covers the critical elements of an NPS-driven customer experience approach. NPS is a widely adopted methodology that companies use to measure levels of customer loyalty.

“Feedbackly’s software tool helps people collect real and current data about their customers,” said Feedbackly CEO Jaakko Männistö, in a press release. “The ability to take action automatically through their entire customer journey is what makes Feedbackly more comprehensive than other survey tools. In order to ensure that your customer experience strategy is working for you, it’s important to provide the right training for your employees.”

“To do this, we needed the best possible partner to help facilitate this training – that’s why we partnered with Owen CX,” Männistö pointed out.

Learn how three ambitious students started Feedbackly in our feature article.

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