New materials save the environment

March 7, 2013

New environmentally friendly materials offer Finnish industry significant new opportunities. In terms of packaging materials, the potential is in the range of billions of euros.

Designers inspired by wood

February 28, 2013

Wood is a fascinating and inspirational material for designers. Proof of that are at least Helsinki’s wooden Chapel of Silence (Hiljaisuuden kappeli) and the soon-to-be-completed public sauna ‘Kulttuurisauna’.

Wood is back in town

February 21, 2013

Industrialisation, innovative solutions and ecological values make the construction of wooden apartment buildings a competitive and attractive option. From the viewpoint of wood, the present possibilities offered by urban construction look good.

How a round-log house gets smart

February 14, 2013

Within half a century, log house construction has experienced quite a revolution: traditional round-log cabins have evolved into today’s modern smart homes. Public construction and exports are two special growth areas. The material’s environmental friendliness also adds to the appeal.

Vast markets for wood-based construction

February 7, 2013

The roots of wood construction in Finland run deep, but there is still room for growth, especially in new apartment building construction and in renovations, as well as in public-sector construction. The outlook for exports also looks bright.

The Future of Aviation, Part I: A smooth ride or turbulence ahead?

January 31, 2013

Aviation is undergoing a rapid transformation. Its development will be affected by both long-term megatrends and changes and phenomena affecting the industry itself. What lies ahead for the industry? Will the ride be smooth or full of turbulence?

A new take on traffic services

January 24, 2013

Among the areas targeted for development in the near future are the interplay between vehicles and infrastructure, as well as electric cars and emission-free traffic. This is an era of mobility-related innovations.

The world needs more icebreakers

January 10, 2013

Arctic seaways will become busier in coming years due to climate change and the increasing use of natural resources. This sea change will create major opportunities for Finnish ice-breaking expertise.

On the road to sustainable development

January 3, 2013

Future transport needs to be put on the road of sustainable development. What kind of journey lies ahead and where will it take us? Research professor Nils-Olof Nylund from VTT leads the way.