Insulation in high demand in Russia

January 23, 2014

CEO Kari Lehtinen is of the opinion that Finland needs good news “these days”. The insulation factory recently opened by Paroc in Russia is definitely good news, and a response to the growing demand for energy-efficient construction.

Sayduck raises EUR 350 000 in seed investments

January 22, 2014

Sayduck, a Helsinki-based company specialising in online shopping enhanced by augmented reality, has raised 350 000 euros of seed funding, mainly from international investors. The company intends to use the funding to boost its growth and product development and to expand to the US market.

Clearing the way for road safety

January 16, 2014

Finnish weather technology is becoming a significant export. Promising markets for smart traffic weather services can be found in Northern Europe and Russia. Arctic Machine has gained a strong foothold in these markets. The company’s snow loaders will be used to keep roads clear of snow during this February’s Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Arctic Ambassador — a hot topic

January 9, 2014

Just looking at his title, you know Hannu Halinen is doing an important job. Finland’s Arctic Ambassador co-ordinates the Finnish state administration’s Arctic strategy, and is thus responsible for matters that are subject to increasing interest globally. — This is definitely about working for the future, Halinen says.

Finland — Arctic maritime transport expert

January 3, 2014

Finland is the only country where the Baltic Sea, a crucial maritime transport route, freezes every winter. “Due to these conditions, we have developed know-how in Arctic maritime transport, which is in high demand, even in a tightening competitive situation,” says Mikko Niini, Aker Arctic’s managing director.

Finns know how to drive on ice

December 19, 2013

Each year, winter puts Finns’ driving skills to the test. And at the same time, foreigners are surprised that you can drive a car on a frozen lake in below 30 degree weather. No wonder ice circuits are attracting so many drivers. Because winter driving is just another case of practice makes perfect.

Life-saving innovations

December 12, 2013

Many forms of assistance are required when saving lives in crisis situations. Spektikor has brought to the markets the world’s lightest single-use ECG indicator and can count NATO among its clients. Another company, Telespro Finland, is specialised in the prevention of heat loss in patients.

Finnish meteorological expertise a growing global export

December 5, 2013

Extreme weather phenomena, such as typhoons and tsunamis, have increased and intensified in recent years. Demand for Finnish competence in weather forecasting and in building early warning systems is growing globally.


Live crowdfunding tested out in Finland

November 28, 2013

There is a buzz of excitement at Helsinki City Hall. Large numbers of startup entrepreneurs and investors have assembled at PitchHelsinki, held this year for the seventh time. The event is making history: for the first time, live crowdfunding is possible from around the world.

Startups rise out of Slush

November 14, 2013

Slush, held this year for the sixth time on 13 and 14 November, is one of the most notable events in Europe for growth companies and has this year attracted more than 1 000 companies and 5 000 visitors. The event has secured its status as the meeting place for Northern European and Russian growth companies.

Umbra — a force behind many games

November 14, 2013

Finnish game companies have been taking the world by storm. Behind the games, too, is top know-how and technology that cannot be seen, but which solves the “visibility problems” of the games. Umbra Software’s programs are used in many popular games.