Wood bends in Tonfisk’s design

September 26, 2014

A design company that wanted its name to reflect its Finnish origins and innovativeness was named after a Swedish can of tuna. In the beginning, the company thought the name was amusing but, over time, it also started sounding good. Today, the Finnish company is known as far away as Asia.

Finnish dads take the baby box global

September 25, 2014

For over 75 years, expectant parents in Finland have been given a maternity box stocked with all the essentials a newborn needs. Recently the baby box has become an international phenomenon after a BBC story about it became one of the most widely read on the site. Now, thanks to the entrepreneurialism of three Finnish dads, you won’t have to be a Finn to get one.

Finnish wave technology makes a splash

September 24, 2014

It’s been a big month for Finnish companies harnessing the power of waves to generate electricity. AW-Energy secured nearly 15 million euros in funding to advance the commercialisation of its WaveRoller technology while Wello announced the latest results of its full-scale wave energy converter installed in Orkney, Scotland.

Pinguino Surfboards adds DIY to the Finnish surf scene

September 23, 2014

Pinguino Surfboards is constantly on the hunt for ways of creating better surfboards in terms of quality, style and environment. The two-man project has grown into a stock company and its boards surf the waves of several seas around the world.

Ecological, reusable wedding dresses drive Finnish fashion success in London

September 19, 2014

Finnish fashion designer Minna Hepburn has been creating vintage inspired clothing in England for almost a decade. Her third bridal collection highlights the philosophy that clothes should not be designed for one time wear.

Pöyry nurses projects into life

September 17, 2014

Finnish consulting and engineering group Pöyry nurses some of the world’s biggest infrastructure projects to life.

Lumi relies on Finnish aesthetics

September 16, 2014

Lumi, known for its leather bags, is aesthetically and philosophically rooted in Finnishness. From day one, the company’s designs have found fans overseas, especially in Japan.

Makia makes clothes with a Northern mentality

September 12, 2014

Makia, a Finnish street fashion brand, known for its distinctive visual brand and out-of-box thinking, was founded in 2001. A group of friends with a background in snowboarding and skateboarding started making their own clothes as they couldn’t find anything that they wanted to wear in the shops.

Julia Lundsten gives rubber boots a city look

September 11, 2014

Last year, shoe designer Julia Lundsten, who has run her company Finsk for 10 years, did away with the “outdoorsy look” of Nokian Footwear’s rubber boots. The result was a popular city boot collection that was continued this autumn. 

Finland taps potential of 3D printing

September 10, 2014

Finland is forging ahead with 3D printing technology in the medical, dental and manufacturing fields.

Indoor Atlas wants to be the GPS of interiors

September 9, 2014

Although the recent employment cuts have hit hard in Oulu, the Northern city doesn’t only echo bad news. New innovation-based startups the likes of Indoor Atlas are now wanting to make use of the skills of those left jobless by big corporations.