Relaxbirth promises more active labour

December 3, 2014

Relaxbirth, the Finnish medtech company, which has developed a device to make the experience of childbirth better and quicker, is looking to grow in the US and the Gulf.


Finnish startup gamifies employee advocacy

December 2, 2014

What started as a passion project of three university friends has grown to an international business with 15 employees which works with brands like LinkedIn and Ernst & Young. It all stems from employee advocacy.

The woman who wanted to break etiquette

November 27, 2014

Eight years ago, HIM rock band soloist Ville Valo walked past Jenni Ahtiainen in the street. Inspired by the artist’s look, Ahtiainen designed an accessory for Valo and sent it to him. The next time Ahtiainen saw her accessory was when Valo made his entrance to Finland’s annual presidential Independence Day Ball, sporting a lace tiescarf around his neck.


Irofit ready to transform mobile card payments in developing countries

November 26, 2014

Finnish mobile payment startup Irofit has developed a platform for processing card payments in real-time even without an Internet connection. With a recent 600 000 euro funding round the startup aims to improve the operations of small businesses in the emerging markets.


Online security is F-Secure’s business

November 25, 2014

Every day, Finnish security firm F-Secure catalogues more than 100 000 new malware samples. That’s 70 a minute, or more than one a second. Not only are they growing in volume but they’re also getting more sophisticated.


Thingsee aims to bring the Internet of Things to everyone

November 24, 2014

The Finnish company Haltian plans to democratise the Internet of Things using their Thingsee project.


Finns show industrial Internet expertise at Slush

November 21, 2014

The Internet of Things was one of the hottest sectors at the 2014 Slush conference. Three Finnish companies went to Slush to show off their know-how in the growing sector.


Nordic wellbeing thinking takes on the world

November 20, 2014

Measuring personal wellbeing is a global phenomenon and the Finnish wellbeing companies appearing at Slush have decided to inspire a change in the habits of their users. Cuckoo Workout, which, according to its founders, is like Zumba meets Candy Crush Saga at the office, and Nordic Diet Apps, which instructs users on how to eat according to the Nordic Plate Diet, are bringing Finnish wellbeing thinking to the world.

Slush injects Finnish cleantech innovations with energy

November 19, 2014

Just moments after the doors of the Expo & Convention Centre opened on Tuesday morning it was already filled with a steady humming of activity: Slush 2014 is on! On the first day of the event, Good News met with three Finnish cleantech and energy sector companies, all of which have their sights set on the global markets.

Plantui grows gardens in urban homes

November 18, 2014

Designer Janne Loiske loves cooking and used to dream about growing herbs in his home. When travelling abroad, he encountered various indoor gardens but they were neither easy to use nor pleasant to look at. He needed to invent a better one.

Gaming startups gear up for Slush

November 14, 2014

The rush to Slush begins next week with thousands of entrepreneurs and investors expected to descend on Helsinki for Finland’s premier tech conference.