February 24, 2017

Five for Friday: Tom of Finland merch

With Finlayson bed linen, you can get into bed with Tom of Finland.
With Finlayson bed linen, you can get into bed with Tom of Finland.

Today is the day the Tom of Finland movie will debut on cinema screens in Finland. True fandom won’t stick to just the films – here are five ways in which you can decorate your life with the art by Tom of Finland, formally known as Touko Laaksonen.

Fire blankets

Safety first, but it doesn’t mean style doesn’t count! Finnish Jalo Helsinki sells fire blankets that portray Tom of Finland artwork.

When Good News from Finland spoke to the company’s CCO Mikko Järvenpää in 2015, he said the reason Tom of Finland designs were chosen was that the art was so well-known. With the film coming out and spreading across the globe, there’s no doubt the fire of its fame will be fueled even more.

Athletic apparel

In 2015, San Diego-based clothes designer Rufskin launched a 15-piece collection featuring artwork by Tom of Finland. Even if you don’t have the top-notch trained body of the men in the drawings, fear not: sports clothing tends to stretch.

A hot cuppa

If you like your coffee hot, consider filling your coffee maker with Robert Paulig’s Tom of Finland. According to the roastery, the coffee’s dark roast flavour is representative of the allure of Tom’s Men; “unapologetic, self-aware and boastfully proud”.

“Tom of Finland is truly an art and pop culture icon,” noted Juhani Oranen, president of Robert Paulig Roastery, when the product was announced. “His masculine characters are a celebration of tolerance and joie de vivre, capturing the hearts of everyone at Robert Paulig Roastery.”

Bedsheets and kitchen textiles

Getting into bed with Tom of Finland has never been this easy: all you need to do is slip your duvet and pillow into the bed linen from Finlayson’s Tom of Finland collection. If bedtime business isn’t enough for you, the range reaches all the way to the kitchen, too, with items like kitchen towels and oven mittens.

Finnish Finlayson was established exactly 100 years before Touko Laaksonen’s birth.

A postal greeting

Finnish Posti released its Tom of Finland stamps in 2014. They received a lot of international attention, with preorders from Posti’s online shop from 178 different countries. According to Posti, the Tom of Finland stamp is “generally considered the most talked-about stamp publication of all time, world-wide”.


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