February 17, 2017

Five for Friday: Oulu, the Northern tech capital

Oulu is home to a thriving startup scene.
Oulu is home to a thriving startup scene.

To find the true north of tech innovations, one should head to Oulu. It is not only the home of (literally) the coolest startup event in the world — this week’s Polar Bear Pitching – but is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Finland, where new, innovative companies are springing up in abundance and entering the global market.

Now, after our very own Finnfacts organised a successful media visit to the “Capital of Northern Scandinavia” this week, we decided to give you, the reader, a little added value.

Wanna know what’s up in Oulu? Behold our very first Five (+1) for Friday.


Using indoor positioning systems (IPS) to locate people or objects inside a building by modelling a magnetic map is the prime objective of this Oulu-born company.

“Eventually the technology we developed can be a standard feature on every smartphone,” CEO Janne Haverinen told us in 2014. “Indoor Atlas beats wifi in usability and accuracy.”


This money magnet gained one of Finland’s biggest funding rounds in 2016. Providing communication to all areas where cellular networks cease to exist, KNL is able to keep customers online.

“Currently people at sea are less connected than people in space,” says CEO Toni Lindén. “Digitalisation of shipping is going to increase the demand of data 20-fold by 2020, while the satcom capacity is expected to be doubled.”


This is not Band-Aid solution. Solved gets to the bottom of solving environmental challenges by bonding global talent and the latest knowledge.

“The Solved platform is based on design methodology developed at Stanford University, which has been digitalised,” executive vice president Santtu Hulkkonen commented last autumn.


The company that raised 2.5 million euros last summer is a leading producer of 3D injection molded structural electronics (IMSE).

“We design and license technology for production of IMSEs,” explains CEO Jussi Harvela. “There are huge recognised horizontal market opportunities. Just in a automotive, there are 25 user cases for us.”


Standing behind the daring claim that they have created ‘the’ remote access is this bold and brave company.

“Whoever wants to remotely control any machine, or security camera or whatever, we provide a very safe, fast and flexible solution for that,” Tero Lepistö, CEO, told us last year.


By 2020, 82 per cent of all Internet traffic will be video data. This company has what it takes to benefit from the trend.

“Voice-controlled video search is our company’s main product,” Ville Hulkko, chief commercial officer, told us in 2016. “The need for innovative voice-powered technologies is growing, when augmented reality and smart glasses become part of our everyday lives.”

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